The West Indies is in North Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean. Indigenous peoples were the first inhabitants of the West Indies Between 1958 and 1962, the United Kingdom re-organised all their West Indies island territories (except the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas) into the West Indies Federation. The Federation into a single, independent nation. European nations use the term “West Indies” to describe their own acquired territories in the Americas. West Indies is the British Caribbean colonies collectively and had its greatest political importance




Job Position
Salesmen or Saleswomen
US$ 175,000
US$ 71,500
Windows System Administrator
US$ 55,000
Chemical Engineer Lead
US$ 185,000
Product Development Manager
US$ 134,000
US$ 126,000
Product Development
US$ 125,000
Program Manager
US$ 120,000
Project Manager
US$ 120,000
Plastics Engineer Lead
US$ 83,000
Company Secretary
MAD 2,345,645
Event Manager
MAD 121,212
Quality Manager
MAD 20,000