Are you an internationally educated nurse looking to live and work in the United Kingdom? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Now more than ever, your skills as an experienced nursing professional are in demand throughout the UK. You can enjoy career enhancing opportunities in cities and towns across the country.
At SREE PASHMI GROUPS , we not only understand your motivation to work in the UK, we have the resources and expertise to find you the best nursing jobs throughout the UK. There’s no limit to what you can achieve when you live, work and thrive as a nursing professional in the UK.

When you partner with Trans Oceans, your benefits include:

  • Opportunity to work at leading NHS Trusts
  • Excellent salary and benefits
  • Prearranged Overseas Nurses Program
  • Assistance securing NMC registration
  • Assistance securing visa / entry clearance
  • Assistance bringing your family
  • Full relocation support

Step 1:  Documentation
Step 2:  Interview (Skype/Telephonic)
Step 3:  Conditional Offer Letter
Step 4:  Payments (As Mentioned in Offer Letter)
Step 5:  IELTS – Score of “7.0” OR OET – “B” Grade
Step 6:  UKVI IELTS – Score of “4.5”
Step 7:  Written Test During Interview
Step 8:  Visa Processing & Embassy Interview
Step 9:  CBT – Computer Based Test
Step 10: Granted for Tier 2 work visa
Step 11:  Departure to UK
Step 12:  OSCE Training
Step 13:  NMC Pin
Step 14:  After NMC Pin – A Registered Nurse Can Sponsor their Family.