Jewellery Making Syllabus

Syllabus -Diploma in Jewellery Making design

JED: 101 – Basic
Role of the Jewellery Designer, Understanding various shapes found in nature, forms of creation, Gemstone shapes & cuts, Studded & Non-Studded Jewellery.

JED: 102 – Basic Design Creation
Deriving Inspiration from various elements, Developing skills of turning inspirations into ideas. How to develop these ideas on paper for jewellery. Various types of settings for gemstones. Let’s start Creating:

JED: 103 – Creating : Ring
Plain bands, Engagement rings,Solitaire rings.

JED: 104 – Creating : Ring
Bridal rings, Anniversary rings, men’s rings.

JED: 105 – Creating : Pendants
Plain Pendants, Studded pendants, Slides.

JED: 106 – Creating : Earrings
Plain,Hoops, Studded, Trinklets.

JED: 107 – Creating : Bracelets
Linked, Multi Linked Flexible , Fixed Bangles.

JED: 108 – Creating Necklaces
Mangalsutra, Chokers, Low Neck, high Neck.

JED: 109 – Creating Accessories
Brooches, Pens, Watches, cufflinks etc.

JED: 111 – Rendering

JED: 112 – Client Designing
Presentation, Framing, Portfolio.

JED: 113 – Client Designing
Budgeting, sourcing & processing. understanding clients & requirements. Ordering of raw materials, Having the article made.
Manufacturing of Precious and Costume Jewellery.

JED: 114 – Metallurgy
Study of precious and semiprecious metals like sliver, copper, brass , Clay , Quelling etc, their properties and use in jewellery. Problems & various caution points with metals.

JED: 115 – Gemology
Introduction to the world of gemstones. Detailed information on popular precious and semiprecious stones used in jewellery. Shapes, sizes and cuts of Gemstones in detail. Identification of gems on the basis of colour, inclusion (Sight identification) Specific gravity etc and instrumentation, using refractometer, magnification and various tests.
Detailed study of Diamond & Its various colours, grades, qualities and properties. Pratical sessions throughout.

JED: 116 – Marketing & Processing
JED118 – Understanding Domestic and International markets and their requirements Developing sales presentation techniques. Studying actural costing of jewellery pieces. Lectures by prominent industry people.Updated with the latest in the feild of gems & jewellery.

JED: 117- Marketing
Understanding Local & International Market, Developing sales Presentation techniques.

JED: 118 – Designing Collection
Motivated to develope theme & Event oriented collections, Students participate in state level competitions.They target strategies and creteria to participate and with the Annual Design Projects. Its mandatory to complete the final designprojectwhich comprises of illustration, research, Photoshoot an the final show.A seperate amount shall be paid for the same.

Recommended for Anyone connected or interested in joining the jewellery industry, This industry has witnessed a rapid growth for Indians both domestically & Internationally. The course offers a launching pad for creative minds to learn new skills & techniques to make a name in the highly exciting field.