For Engineering Students, there are plenty of options available to pursue their UG / PG/ Diploma / Certificate programs in various Majors of Engineering through our expertise guidance. We have options available with or without IELTS.
Germany and Uk for example offer a minimum scale of 3.5 Lakh per Month ( in INR ) for the ones who are in Engineering domain. As well for exploring and for learning versatile technologies and for creating the best lifestyle, studying in Overseas is an ideal option. There are plenty of programs available for ENGINEERING ASPIRANTS and given below are for a better understanding. If any of the Student is looking forward towards a different program / specialization, guidance would be certainly provided through our Associates who spread across the globe.


  • Industrial Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Aviation Transport
  • Electrical Engineering ( Adaptronics)
  • Chemical Technology
  • Electronics and Mobile Communication
  • Medical Engineering and Physics
  • Computer systems
  • Engineering Technology Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering


  1. Aviation Transport
  2. Computer Systems
  3. Medical Engineering and Physics
  4. Telecommunications
  5. Digital Humanities
  6. Industrial Engineering and Management
  7. Production Engineering
  8. Railway electrical Systems
  9. Chemical technology
  10. Railway transport
  11. Civil Construction and real estate Management
  12. Smart Electronic Systems
  13. Innovative road and bridge Engineering
  14. Civil Engineering
  15. Engineering Technology, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering

Other than that, there are various specializations available in Engineering. Students who are looking forward to get their UG / PG / Diploma programs in Engineering are being requested to send their resume first with their preference of study and the Country interested and based on the same, our team of experts will evaluate the eligibility of admission and will advise accordingly.