Sree Pashmi Groups of Companies is one of the leading overseas education counseling firm incorporated in 2000 with the concept of helping the students to get admission in best ranked global Universities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at affordable cost. Learning Specialized programs overseas offer the platform of growth in a vast dimension.
The Major concern of our firm is to ensure that students who plan to study overseas are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedure in the most systematic manner and finally help them with concluding the best visa process and admission proceedings. We have a panel of High level educationists, Marketing Executives, Research and development heads who possess expertise in Overseas education and part time placements. Exclusive International Intern opportunities could get done through our team of expertise.
Our current study destinations are United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Italy, Singapore , Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and Mauritius. All Universities promoted by us are recognized by Indian Government, Ministry of Education Affairs.


1. Learn a New Language

If you happen to speak Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, Kannada or Hindi as your main language , learning and speaking a second language will definitely open your new gateway personally as well professionally.
Get into the zone of competition. Learn more languages . Learn more expertise . Enter into a new Country and thereby expand your wisdom which is the true treasure-hunt.

2. Embrace a Different Culture

Again experiencing a new culture and thereby turning up as most knowledgeable would be true turning point in one’s life. Own cultures values and new cultures learnings would mould an individual to the point of most remarkable transformation.

3. Achieving Loads of practical knowledge.

Moving with strangers, mingling in a new crowd, throwing away hesitations, turning up as an extrovert all going to happen. Cherishing the most happiness comes with booming, true friendship. Prepare new dishes, discuss politics and face homesickness. These and other practical skills enhance your study abroad experience and improve your life during the experience and after your return home.

4. Become Self-Reliant

Even if you’re an independent and confident person, your self-reliance will grow when you live in a different country. After all, you’re suddenly surrounded by unfamiliar sights, smells and people. Everything is strange and possibly alarming.

Use the opportunity to navigate the challenge, cope with diversity and embrace the experience. Take the time to step out of your comfort zone as you meet and communicate with new people and live and interact every day in a foreign land. These skills demonstrate your self-reliance and fill you with confidence, esteem and ability to succeed at anything you try during your study abroad experience and after you return home.

5. Travel Extensively

Any study abroad experience provides dozens of travel opportunities. In addition to travelling to your host country, you’ll be able to travel within the country. By foot, taxi, car or bus, explore major cities, historic sites and quaint villages as you live and travel extensively in your host country.

There’s no better time than now to study abroad. Discover all the academic, professional and personal benefits of studying in a different country. You’ll be glad you took advantage of this opportunity that’s educational, useful and fun for any student.

6. Expand Your Career

As a college student, you may have your future career all planned out, including where you’ll work and how much you’ll make. Alternatively, you might be uncertain about what career path you’ll take, or you may be on a career path that’s unfulfilling. Classes you take in an international university improve your professional development and help you get a job, a fact.

The classes you take while living overseas are beneficial because employers value the numerous academic and practical skills you learn while you study abroad. They look for attributes like initiative, spunk and willingness to think outside the box. They also value personnel who know firsthand about global markets, citizenship and worldviews.

Get a head start on your dream profession when you study abroad. Whether you’re a young student just starting out in the workforce or a seasoned adult looking to increase your professional options, the experience will expand your career.