Running a B School in the Name of Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science, established Youth Foundation and Get Set GO for transforming the younger generation and made the same happened and opened the Golden gateway through lots of Motivational programs and changing lives and keeping the aim to serve the Nation and uplift the Standard of Education in Tamilnadu and focusing to improve the SELF ECONOMICAL STANDARD of the most possible percentage in Tamilnadu – The Founders of the Same Management is operating SPICA – just imagine – where you have come – a Right world and the Most right people – through whom you are going to learn what is success , lots of positive energy , tons of attitude and self confidence , more than everything–exceptional professional knowledge.read more

Peak , Unique excellence in a Single Profession – (Jack of all trades and Master of None never works out here because we need right knowledge and a profile would be created with the right output if we give the needed input and concentrate at a time in a single subject) + Knowing to source Money / Finance to initiate / start and run the Profession + developing tools of success like Efficient communication skills and shaping the personality + Knowing Marketing and Administration which are like putting fuel to the furnace. read more